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Chinha, India’s pioneer art magazine is the brainchild of Satish Naik who is a journalist by profession and artist by training. If this is a rare combination, still rarer are his passion, patience and perseverance. Otherwise, how do you explain an experienced journalist publishing a diwali issue at a loss when newbies in the field were laughing their way to the bank? It was only labour of love that made Satish launch ‘Chinha’ – an annual magazine totally devoted to visual arts. This debut in 1987 won applauds from one and all; and it won several prestigious awards. However, the trials and tribulations behind the scene forced Satish to take a long pause.

The huge popularity and acclaim ‘Chinha’ garnered had emboldened some to bring similar issues. Sadly, none could come any close; and the lacuna continued. Meanwhile, the discerning readers’ and art-lovers’ demand stripped Satish of the last copies of the previous issues.

That was enough for a true blue editor like him to pursue his dream yet more passionately. Many writers’ and artists’ unconditional support encouraged him; and ‘Chinha’ sprang back again with renewed vigour. It caught the art world like fire. In this selfless pursuit like-minded people accompanied him from time to time. Since 2001, its every issue has made news because of its well-researched material and thought-provoking articles. Many a time it stirred a hornet’s nest, yet unperturbed, the ‘Chinha’ team continued its mission. In its quest to bring to light our artists’ greatness, Chinha found a treasure trove of unsung heroes; like Bhaskar Kulkarni whose life reads stranger than fiction, like Gaitonde and Barve who in M.F.Hussain’s words are “India’s truly world-class artists”. Chinha’s cache is brimming over with incomparable treasures that are now being made available to art-lovers and researchers through the 21st century media – a website, and a soon to be launched blog.